T : preVIEW, VIEW, reVIEW..

A great tip to help u get better grades n memorize all those huge facts n stuff..
the 3 Vs.. 

:: PreView :  
Make sure b4 u get to class, b4 u start learning on a new topic, READ IT FIRST..
just take a simple glance through the topic, get an idea of what u're going to learn..
Try to understand a few things, but don't push yourself too much, cause u haven't even learnt the topic
Just try to get a picture of what u're about to learn...

:: View/Focus :
Give full attention to the lesson in class when u're learning the topic.. 100% on the teacher.. n also the textbook.. Ask if u have any problems/confusions.. or anything u didnt understand while PreViewing
Make sure u totally understand what the teacher said.. no problems whatsoever.. totally 100% understand crystal clear.. dont be shy to ask.. The Javanese say, "Malu biar btempat.."

:: ReView :
When u get back home/hostel, make sure u read back what u learned.. in the following 24 hours, or else 80% of it will be forgotten, seriously.. 80% is a big number.. Revise back the topic your teacher just taught you.. again, make sure u understand everything, ask your parents or friends if there's any problems..

D  .  O  .  N  .  E  !!!!!

InsyaAllah, if u follow these 3 simple steps, what u learn will be stuck in your head.. u'll have better grades, n be a better person.. u can also sharpen your memory using this method..
Happy VIEWing! Hope this was useful.. :)

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kiwi said...

bagos arrr sape yg wat blog nie...

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