Assalamulaikum.. atuk, oh atuk..
(cbe hover kat gmba ipin kat sblh nih)
bek lah.. tajuk kali ni, satu sifat yg sering dkaitkn ngan dak2 maahad..

HIPOKRIT-isme (kehipokritan)

Sblm tu, ana nk maklumkan, aritu ade sorg nih cdgkn lpas ni, tulis entri dlm BM, BI ngan BARAB..
So, anak nk sahut cdgn tu dan buat ptama kalinyer, post ini akn ditulis dlm BI, insyaAllah

K, hipocrite.. let me ask u.. is wearing tudung labuh kat maahad n wearing tudung biase kat luar hipocrite? Is talking nicely with ur parents but ‘kurang ajar’ly with ur friends HIPOCRITE?

Actuall, hipocrite isn’t even an adjective, it’s a noun..
Let’s look at the definition from ‘ditionary.reference.com’
HIPOCRITE - a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs. (cam blakon sperti org lain, bkn sperti sifat dyer yg sbnr/bpura-pura baik sdgkn x)

So, is someone who recites the Quran every single day in Maahad a hipocrite if he never recited the Quran at home? Is Kuraisha (cnth jer) who’s free haired a hipocrite if she only wears the HIJAB at Maahad?

Well, it depends on our intention, right? If we recite the Quran just to show off or impress people, then yeah, that’s a HIPOCRITE. If we only wear the hijab cause the school tells us to, then that also a HIPOCRITE..

So, abnde faedahnyer post ni?
The reason i’m writing this entry is to make us hamidians understand what is actually ‘HIPOCRITE’ which we always use..
“Alah dye tu, ye2 je pakai tudung labuh kat lua.. hipokrit jer tu.. pdhal mesti x ikhlas un pakai”
Kalau x ikhlas un pakai, lagi bagos ah drpd x pakai tudung.. mgkn x bgos kpd diri dye, tpi sah2 bgos utk org skeliling..

Ayat kat ats tu slalu ana dgr di kalangan plajar maahad.. seriously..
That’s kinda why we’re in Maahad.. to educate us, to make us understand why r we doing this n that..
N when we know why r we doing that thing (eg. Jge batas laki pompuan), we will actually be sincere in doing it n eventually not be a HIPOCRITE..

So, the conclusion is that.. be sincere in what u do. Do it in the name of Allah, not to show off or anything.. coz when u do it for Allah, that shows that u’re not a poser i.e a HIPOCRITE..
Pakai tudung coz u really want to, not because of what people think.. recite the Quran bcause u want to, not to impress anyone..

N 1 more thing, learning in Maahad actually lures us to do these things.. Like, if we pakai tudung laboh kat maahad, we will certainly not be free-haired kat lua cause we don’t wanna be labelled as a HIPOCRITE.. Get it? we dont wanna torn down our 'bdak skolah agama' image n this is the environment that we need to be studying in, insyaAllah..



::awanbiru:: said...

sume yg kte bwt bergantung pd niat en...
mcm isu tudung labuh uh, i agreed 100 persen!!
ikhlas is da main point ah~

Prince Caspian said...

ikhlas uh btol..
xde sape salahkan sesape yg ikhlas..
yg jadi mslah, tgur org jgn ade myspace, ym,dll tp diri snd ade.. ikhlas ke uh??
mslah gak bile dah pakai tudung labuh, tapi suare, prangai,dll xjgak brubah..
satu soklan...adekah org yg ngumpat dikatekan hipokrit??

Maahad Hamidiah said...

thnx awanbiru..

prince caspian : ana x tgur org jgn ade myspace, ym dll.. cume gnekan dgn btul.. jgn lalai krne bnde2 tu..

ngumpat = hipokrit
ana rse krg tepat sbb org yg ngumpat tu x blakon mnjdi org yg laen..

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