"bosan giler..",
"bapak boring..",
"xde bnde nak buat la.."


i'm sure, througout our holiday, we must have heard these words either from our own mouth or from others.. n that's just the problem :
we dont know what to do this holiday!

well, there's tonnes of stuff that we should be doing this holiday, things that we
weren't able to do during the school seasons..

ABNDE? well, here's some stuff that u gotta get on ur "TO-DO-LIST"

1. For hostel guys, start doing gud deeds for ur mum n dad, stuff u couldn't really do on a regular basis (basuh kreta ayah, cuci pinggan, kmas2 umah sikeyt, wat teh tyme tgh brite, stuff like that)

2. Organize!!
Tonnes of things u should organize :

- YOUR BOOKS.. settle buku2 taun lpas (mne nak recycle, mne nk gune agi)
buku2 bru.. balut bku2 SPBT bru dpt.. ready pe yg patut utk taun dpn
bce siap2 novel / antologi utk taun dpn, x rugi seyh..

- YOUR CLOTHES.. cbe usha almari bju, kbyknnye semak tah pape.. blambak-lambak
bju ade blh pakai, ade x leh pakai.. so, organize! yg x leh pakai pass down kat adek2 @ ltak dlm kotak elok2 4 donation

3. BUY..get the chance to buy things u wanted to buy throughout the year.. (e.g. u've been wanting to buy a new wallet all year tpi x sempat.. well, do it now)

plus, buy all the supplies u need 4 next year,
dont wait 4 ur parents to get all crazy asking what u need n all at the last minute..
start thinking of what to buy now..

like, u really need a new pair of shoes, so dont forget to get one..
n, u really need to be thorough in doing this coz ur parents don't noe what u want, so its all up to you..

its always gud to start the year having everything ready n set to start off the year..

4. Do things u couldn't throughout the year
- go jalan2 with ur friends (but berpada2, jgn slalu sgt coz bazer duit + mase) n sng dpt dose.. x dgalakkan sgt pown..
- go jogging every single morning.. coz u dont have to think about school
- strengthen ur bond (silaturrahim)with ur neighbours.. u dont really see them often, do you..?
- n other things u've been dying to do all year..

5. Well, basicly.. fill up ur time with stuff n let them be benefitial stuff
avoid empty times during this holiday, cause u really have to use it well..
avoid "bosan giler..", "xde pape nk wat ah" n make sure u fill that time with gud things coz..

tau x, stiap saat hidup kiter ni, akn disoalkn penggunaannye.. cthnyer, skrg ni.. korg tgh bce blog nih, ade ilmu bgune, mksdnyer korg bwat bnde bfaedah.. so, tlepas dri azab tu.. in fact, mgkn dpt phle agi..

sbb ape?
mngisi mse kite dgn pkare yg x bfaedah dikira memBAZIR mse.. dan membazir itu adalah dilarang dalam islam..

kalau ah kite isi mse kite, cthnye dgn mlayan MS, FB, YM dll tnpa sbrg tujuan
(cam sje2 jer), x ke buang mse tu? so, sme ah cam tdi..
buang mse = bazir mse = doser
atau usha siri2 anime kat web (eg. eyeshield, conan etc.) shingga menghalang dri mlakukan pkara yg wajib/perlu
(cth : mak suroh gi buang smpah tpi x buat pnyer mangat nak tgk)

Sesungguhnya membazir itu adalah saudara kpd syaitan.. Al-Isra' : 27
- dont waste ur time
- set wht u want n need to do
- use ur time well, avoid wasting time

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